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Magnetic fields increase the flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the area where applied
This helps relieve pain, stiffness and inflammation and speeds the natural healing process
Increased blood flow aids in the removal of toxins produced by injury or exercise
As preventative therapy magnetic fields warm the horse's joints and muscles before work outs and relaxes them after.
SuperSweatS offers an affordable yet effective line of magnetic products for the horse
Our removable magnetic packs come in three sizes: small (8 magnets), medium (18 magnets)
and large (24 magnets)
Uses magnets made from 3,950 gauss ceramic material, the highest quality and strength available
Packs may be placed anywhere within the areas illustrated below
Day sheets, blankets, or hoods may be used over these items in colder weather
The removable packs make machine laundering of the sheets and hoods possible
The magnetic packs should be hand laundered only.
Magnetic sheets and hoods are made of cool lightweight breathable fabrics which keep horses comfortable in hot weather
Each Sheet comes with two small, two medium and two large magnetic packs
The removable packs may be applied along both sides of the spinal column
and on the shoulder and hip areas.
These Sheets are offered in the same sizes and fabric as our Fly Sheets



 Fits Blanket Sizes

54 inch 50 inch to 54 inch $299.00
60 inch 56 inch to 60 inch $299.00
66 inch 62 inch to 66 inch $299.00
72 inch 68 inch to 72 inch $299.00
78 inch 74 inch to 78 inch $299.00
84 inch 80 inch to 84 inch $299.00
88 inch 84 inch to 88 inch $299.00
94 inch(Draft Horse) 90 inch to 94inch $309.00
These Magnetic Hoods are offered in the same sizes' and fabric as our Full Length Mane Saver Hoods
Each Sheet comes with two small, two medium and two large magnetic packs
Small packs may be positioned at the poll or the cheek, the other packs may be used on the neck, shoulder and chest areas.

Size Item Length Fits To Price
Foal 32 inches 12 hands $299.00
Weanling 35 inches 13 hands $299.00
Yearling 39 inches 14 hands $299.00
Junior Horse 43 inches 15 hands $299.00
Horse 45 inches 15.2 hands $299.00
Extra Long 48 inches 16.2 hands $299.00
Extra Extra Long 54 inches 17.2 hands $299.00
Warmblood 52 inches Adult $299.00
Draft Horse 54 inches Adult $309.00
MAGNETIC PACKS, Small $16.00, Med $54.00 & Lg $70.00

** If horse is left unattended the Mane Savers, Mane Tamers, Shoulder Liners, Cover-ups,
Fly Sheets, Magnetic Sheets and Hoods should be protected with a day sheet, blanket or hood to prevent tearing.

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