SuperSweats - Super Show Cover-Ups!
Super Show Cover-Up Full Length Main Saver Hood Main Saver Hood & Cover-Up
Super Show
Full Length
Mane Savor Hood
Main Saver Hood
And Cover-up
• Available in four colors: Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Black, Burgundy, Hot Pink,
Purple and Animal Print
• We offer a reasonably priced repair service on these products
• Show Cover Ups and Mane Saver Hoods are made of a breathable Nylon/Lycra fabric
We offer a variety of colors Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Purple, Black, Hot Pink, Burgundy, Animal Print
• Keep coats smooth and shiny
• Adjust to fit three blanket sizes
• Have removable Velcro straps
• May be used with a
Mane Saver Hood to keep your horse totally show ready
Fits Blanket Sizes
54 inch 50 inch to 54 inch $70.00
60 inch 56 inch to 60 inch $72.00
66 inch 62 inch to 66 inch $74.00
72 inch 68 inch to 72 inch $76.00
78 inch 74 inch to 78 inch $78.00
84 inch 80 inch to 84 inch $81.00
88 inch 84 inch to 88 inch $84.00
94 inch (Draft Horse) 90 inch to 94 inch $96.00
• Let you braid or band manes the day before a show
• Keep braids and bands flat
• Protect and train the mane
• Have full length nylon coilzipper and removable Velcro strap
• (Measure item length from poll to two (2) inches beyond the wither)
Size Item Length Fits To Price
Foal 32 inches 12 hands $69.00
Weanling 35 inches 13 hands $72.00
Yearling 39 inches 14 hands $75.00
Junior Horse 43 inches 15 hands $78.00
Horse 45 inches 15.2 hands $81.00
Extra Long 48 inches 16.2 hands $84.00
Extra Extra Long 54 inches 17.2 hands $88.00
Warmblood 52 inches Adult $88.00
Draft Horse 54 inches Adult $101.00
** If horse is left unattended the Mane Savers, Mane Tamers, Shoulder Liners, Cover-ups, Fly Sheets,
Magnetic Sheets and Hoods should be protected with a day sheet, blanket or hood to prevent tearing.
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